June 15, 2006

  • Well nearly back to playing again, just waiting on my things to arrive from the uk over to me in germany, so not much longer i hope, managed to jump on my aunties comp,but she wont let me download lin onto her computer >< so i’ll have to wait a bit longer. gl folks see u all soon =)

March 27, 2006

March 6, 2006

February 10, 2006

  • I know its been a very long time since i last updated, but just to let friends know i not dead or anything. things have been very hectic recently so i havent had really anytime to play, didnt help my computer blowing up on me, so im still waiting for my insurance claim to come through. and now ive been told that im posted back to Germany so it will be a while till i get myself sorted again. but never fear i will be back!=)

    gl folks.


September 19, 2005

  • well ive done it again…saved up aload of ss ><, well here we go, nothing majorly intresting, but i have been able to play alot more than i have done in a long while,

    some di action…although i REALLY REALLY REALLY  need to stay away from here for awhile, drops are all well and good but i need to get some exp, shame i don’t learn

    tried a hand and abit more blowing..zzz all gone pear shaped so far ..that’s bout my 7th pair of +5 dk gloves ive blown now..starting to get very very pissed off with them, now i kinda know what larger went through.

    been lucky with a few drakes recently , few bzels, cdais etc, and area of silence o.0 dunno what its worth tho..

    few random bits,a friend made magical armour of val=), so big congrats there, its  a pain in the arse to make if your as broke as i am,a weird drop from a darkelf carrier didnt know what it was at first, double clicked it and bang got 2 rough black mith heh, and got a 10% ring last night =), believe it or not thats my first decent drop from FI ><

    some of the bosses ive managed to get to, shit drops but hey nothing new

    and lastly, ive been to a few fights, killed a couple and died a couple times,not gona flame anyone on either side ,as thats not my way, but my unfortunate deaths wasnt actually my fault, i seem to have a bug where if i hold down ctrl to attack i cant use some of my hotkeys seems only the hotkey f6 is still playing up atm, which is my main pot key>< with help from monitor45 and semia, we managed to find this out, nc ‘are looking into it’ but ive never had this before, but still a pain in the arse , means i have to be pay extra attention to what im doing now when i fight.


September 7, 2005

  • not alots been happening really, work is busy atm getting ready for our annual regimental exercise, but ive been playing when i can,

    thought id try abit of underwater action ..got a few nzels, but couldnt stay down there too long as it makes my eyes go weird=P

    common action for me,..as most of my @ ive made came from drakes, its rude not to check em every now and again, even with the crappy drop rate now. but i still managed to pull a bzel from one or two tho=)

    caspa and co… well..99% of the time…a waste of time, out of maybe 6-7 groups ive killed so far this is all ive got..waste of time really=/

    when i start getting bored i seem to always end up here..probally part of the reason its taking me forever to level=P

    thought id have another go at blowin a few things, but as my funds are dwindleing away quite rapidly i decided just to try a couple things. 1 out of 3 zzz

    managed to get the odd boss too recently, unfortunatly shit drops=/

    kinda a short one really, maybe things will pick up in the next few days.


September 3, 2005

  • well after along time away, im back again^^, although most have u have seen me on a few times i havent been able to play properly for a long time,hopefully this will change,but that also depends on work and my enthusiasm to play. but ive just had a nice 3 week break, a week in Spain with my family,and 2 weeks at home, so now i feel refreshed again=).

    alot has changed over last few weeks/months that ive played on and off, since the slow demise of the roses, and fighting vengance preaty much solo for months, i took leave of the pledge and joined elane,as you can probally see from a few of the old posts, i then had to go out to iraq so i left elanes pledge just before i left, not for any perticular reason but than to make another space in the pledge. although wasnt out there for very long, i came back and started popping on and off again, just having abit of fun hunting drakes etc trying the new de caves etc, but all became abit frustrating on my own. i then decided i should join a pledge again, but wasnt sure which, there was alot of changes since i last joined one, new pledges seemed to be popping up and wasnt sure what the score was with fighting now, after a few hours of speaking to friends of old, i started to get a clue of what was goin on again. and alot of old friends had joined sol now, so i thought i might as well. well ive had a few comments made to me so far such as..’oh who’s khats new user?’ zzzzzz, and ‘jumpin on the bandwagon huh?’ etc etc. a. i cant believe ppl who know me would even ask me if i was a new user and b. well i dont need a b. as a. is so dam good

    no seriously my only reason for joining sol was friends there and the fact that they are fighting vengance.and it has been good for the little time ive been here so far and im starting to enjoy playing the game abit more than i did before, hopefully this will continue and i’ll get back into playing again like i used too.

    as for hunting etc, to be honest i havent done alot recently just been pottering about and as this has taken me awhile to write i really cant be arsed cropping all my ss have like 50 odd so ive just banged it all on a couple so here u go:-

    bit of di..

    random collection..

    blowing spree…didnt go too well=/

     traded for my 10 dama


    now that there out of the way,i’ll do them better next time.

    enjoy~~see u all on dep~~

April 4, 2005

  • hiya folks, just a quick update, im not dead or anything heh, just work has been insane, just finished one exercise and going on another in next few days:(, so most of my time is spent preping. hopefully should be able to sort my life out and start playing again in a couple of weeks, gl all, see ya soon


March 10, 2005

  • quick update, works been a bit of a bitch lately so havent been able to play much unfortunatly, but heres a few things that have happened when ive been able to play:

    got ice queen again, no ROTC this time tho =/

    while wondering about in fv, found flame boy again.. could of been worse i suppose

    group of us went up to 30, didnt think vamp was up but we found him hiding, although the hunt went abit pear shaped when one of the group died oddly to him=(

    alittle later decided to work our way up toi, didnt see this guy he snuck up on me at first and bang goes nearly half my hp, was like ooooo run away, heal heal heal, run back. we got a bzel from this one, so not too bad.

    after just trading my 7bcomr for a 6 and @ (as i was getting near broke), when keda gave me the @ from the ROTC, i began feeling lucky again, guess i am heh

March 6, 2005

  • ive been on duty (again) since thursday so no updates, hopefully will be back to playing again normally on monday/tuesday.